Sunday, May 29, 2011

What do you do at a Full Auto Shoot?

A Small Sample
So you walk up and ask if you can shoot it.  LuckyGunner provides the Free Ammo and then you shoot !!!!

A German G3.  Haven't seen one since Baumholder.
Then ask the other people if you can shoot what they brought.

I know why the M14 didn't last long as the Service rifle.

Something fun, but I can't remember what

Tannerite and bullets makes cars burn.

Many of the owners of the Full Auto guns are also re-enactors and/or have friends that are re-enactors, and/or the re-enactors were invited.  Either way that added some period history and flavor to the various firearms being shot.  Now this clip features the firing of a Civil War cannon. But ignore that.  BTDT at ASC.  Simply listen to the background "music".  And you'll start to get some idea of the fun that was had at the Blogger Shoot.

Yes, Those were Anti-Tank guns in the middle of the firing line.  Yes, they took on cars and the bus.  You got very use to the cannon booms and the sound of the warm summer air being rent by hundreds, nay, thousands of bullets going downrange in very short periods of time, but constantly.

The Halftrack and the M5 Stuart got in on the action after we spent the morning shooting up cars, appliances and a bus, they also take on the school bus.
Ooops, I made a mess

As videos and pictures get upload, there will be much more to come....

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