Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Height of Hypocrisy

On the very Day that Illinois House Bill 148 was to be voted on.

On the Day where Illinois would either stand with the 49 other states or stand alone.

On the Day that the Family and Personal Protection Act would allow  me and every other law abiding citizen of this state to protect themselves from the thugs and vermin that infest Chicago.

On the Day that the bill Mayor Daley has railed against.

Fought against.

Twisted arms.

Forged backroom deals.

Lied about it, in every way possible,

Done everything to prevent the good citizens of this state from exercising their fundamental right as outlined in the US Constitution and affirmed, not once, but TWICE, the second time coming against the VERY CITY he was elected to be mayor of and that he SWORE to uphold THAT Constitution.

He has the gall, the audacity, the nerve to ask that taxpayer funded armed men protect him and his family.

I'm writing the mayor a letter, and I promise to be nice, but it will point out all of the above.  If you love liberty and this country, this cannot be allowed to stand.  If we can NOT protect ourselves, then by G-d, I'll be damned if I have to help pay for his.

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  1. I still would like to bungee cord him to a Wind Tee and let a couple tigers out on airport property after the Meigs Field Incident.