Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Week After Bin-Laden's Death

Well, it's been oover a week now since we got to see that iconic photo of Obama watching an Air Force General play Black Ops do something on a computer in the Situation Room at the White House.  Various reports state that they were watching the raid on-line or it was a PowerPoint briefing by Leon Panetta.  The story keeps changing as to what they were watching and why Hillary had her hand over her mouth (Shocked or covering a cough?) .  Nevermind that.  Crazy Ol' Uncle Joe Biden as usual couldn't keep his mouth shut and annouced to the world that it was Navy SEALs (Team 6) supported by the US Army's 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) that "got 'im".  Even though he was reportedly unarmed in the firefight.

Bravo Zulu to all the folks in uniform and the Intel weenies that made this happen.  I will shed no tears over the death of one greatest perpetrators of terrorism.  It was long overdue and well done.

But let's examine a few points.

1.  The Intel that lead to this event came prisoners we have at Guantanamo Bay.  They may have even given up the lead(s) because of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques".   Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay within a year of taking office, yet it remains open, and there seem to be no plans to change anything there.   However, the howls of protest from the usual lefty America hating groups have been reduced to crickets chirping.

2. Do you really think there was any way Bin-Laden would have been captured alive?

No matter what, think of the consequences had we captured him alive.

3.  Had we captured Bin-Laden alive what would we have done with him ?  Put him in the SuperMax prison at Florence, CO ?  The US Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth ? or the still open Guantanamo Bay?

4.  After that then what?  A trial in New York?  Washington?  somewhere else in the US?  or Guantanamo Bay?  He would have jumped at the chance to testify in his own defense.  We would then give him an international stage to daily rage/preach/incite against the Great Satan?

5.  And how do we get him an impartial jury anywhere in the US?  And what to do when he had been found guilty, a death sentence?  Life in prison?   Maybe even less then life?  Where?  Ft. Leavenworth?  Florence, CO? or Gitmo again?

6.  Or think if the charges get dismissed or he's found Not Guilty on a technicality or three, then what ?   Put him aboard the next flight to Pakistan?  Afghanistan?  Saudi Arabia?   Think of what would happen to any president who put Bin-Laden on trial and he gets to go free because of a technicality.  

When Bin-Laden moved into that "mansion" six or so odd years ago, he had to know that we was never coming out of there alive.  Because when SEAL Team 6 went into Abbotabad that night, there was no way Bin-Laden was coming out alive.  He had to be killed and his body taken and dumped into the sea.  Proper Muslim Funeral rituals or not, there could be no grave, no monument, no pilgrimage site.  Only one person could give that order, and given all the possible outcomes, it was the only possible order to give.   Frankly, I'm impressed that Obama did.   Again, Bravo Zulu.

Yet, in the aftermath and as a result of Bin-Laden's death, we still remain at Defcon Mauve or whatever the new color scheme is in Terror Level Ver46.0.  We still have a lumbering new bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security.  The gropers, perverts and child molesters of the TSA remain a fixture in the nations airports (Total terrorists caught to date: Zero).   Nothing changed for us since his death.  Yet, everything that he caused by his terror remains.

So what did we really accomplish with his death?


  1. wonder what the owner/host of the compound could have told us, if he were taken alive?

  2. My guess is the owner was someone in OBL family or a friend that OBL had transferred money to before the US id a global clampdown on OBL's money.

    In any case, probably not much, A-Q was pretty good at compartmentalizing certain things, hence the difficulty in tracking down OBL.

    But what is more important is what was taken out of the "mansion" and is being poured over by our Intel weenies. There are a bunch of A-Q folks running for lives, literally. This will severely disrupt many of their planned and current operations in A-stan and worldwide. and that is a good thing.