Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chivalry and Modern Society.

Every now and again I see something that hits me right between the eyes

That link is to my friend Brigid's blog.  I've read her blog for a couple of years now, and a couple of weekends ago go the chance to briefly meet her at the Indy Blogmeet.  Unfortunately we sat at opposite ends of the table and didn't get a chance to talk.

Anyhow.  I spend roughly every other weekend with my son.  While we do "Dangerous Things" and work on Webelos achievements, the underlying theme in everything I do is to teach him to be a Gentleman.  From If - by Rudyard Kipling, to The Boy Scout Oath, Motto and Law to Henry V to Leonidas and the 300 and how to hunt to provide for his family, to protect and defend that family, to the history of America and the American Revolution by going to Appleseeds to basic manners, saying Sir and Ma'am, telling him about my service as an Army Officer and what it means to be an Officer and a Leader.  I may have been made an Officer by act of Congress, but my parents taught me to be Gentleman. 

But I know I have limited time, so I try to pack as much as can into the limited time we have together.

It's a job that never ends as I still learn and have more to learn from my father.  It's amazing how smart he got as I got older. 
I just hope my son becomes, is and remains one.


  1. Dangerous Things for Boys. LOVE that book. Your son will be the richer for every moment he spends with you.