Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why I won't be voting for Dictator....

I've been thinking about Kipling's poem "If".  And it I came up in dinner conversation when Robert was asking about the conventions and what they mean and what's going on. 

One question in particular he brought up "Why did almost everyone boo Ted Cruz?" 

Because he did the hardest thing there is to do in the world.  He stood up for his principles.  He devoutly believes in the US Constitution.  And he was willing to become a pariah, to his party, and the current voters, to put country ahead of party.  He clearly said "Vote your Conscience and for the those you believe who will faithfully uphold the Constitution."  That's very unpopular now.  Everyone wants a dictator.  Obama has pushed the boundaries of Presidential power and now people expect that the next person will be able to rule by fiat and decree, bypassing Congress and the Courts and the system of Check and Balances established by the Founders.

Everyone is screaming that "If you don't support X then Y will win !!  Then fear and terror will rule the land."   When it doesn't matter who wins (of those two), fear and terror will rule the land.  Especially, if Congress remains neutered.   Neither one shows the slightest inclination to obey the Constitution.   Which is one reason why Cruz was booed so loudly.  "We want our guy to rule just like Obama did !!!"

Sorry, that's not what I want.   We have a owner's manual, a guide book to running a country.  We have the contemporary thoughts and writings of those who created this country.  There's not a a lot to guess at how it was meant to be run.  They were all pretty much in agreement that the government that governs best governs least.   They could not begin to fathom the changes in this country, especially the technology (Ben Franklin would be astonished and amazed.)  But, I fear, they would be sadly disappointed in the fact that we let government become our master and not the servant it was meant to be.   They would be more so be saddened and disappointed, not in who was running, but that we have two sides clamoring for their person to be crowned as "Ruler of America".

"But if you vote for J then T or H will win !!!"   But if all us who don't want a dictator for the next four to eight years don't vote for T or H, and J wins then hopefully we won't have a dictator.  Ad some of the governmental excess reduced.   But it seems that too many want a Dictatorship and maybe that's where we are headed anyway or to another (un) Civil War. Although I do find it hilarious when unarmed liberals call for the rounding up of all gun owners.  Good luck with that Sparky.  Because if Gersh Kuntzman is a typical representation of the men on your side, the next Civil War will last all of 37 seconds.  With the next 40 years of you losers whining about PTSD.

But back to my point.  I'm not even sure that J winning will do much to change things.   And even then his policies and actions  have not sent a tingle down my leg, that makes me want to stand up and defend/advocate on his behalf. 

This may very well be the first time ever (and I voted for Reagan in 1984) that I just skip over the P/VP part of my ballot.

Besides, I'm in Illinois.  No matter who I vote for, there are cemeteries of Democrats in C(r)ook county that will nullify my vote.  Not to mention the van loads of homeless folks going from polling place to polling place giving the names and addresses of voters (possible deceased) on the roles, and voting 10, 15, 20 times a day for $5 a vote. Maybe I could sign up to do that....