Saturday, May 28, 2011

Daddy like belt fed

Here at  the end of Day One of the Blogger Shoot, I'm in my hotel room still grinning from ear to ear.  Got a chance to shoot everything, at least twice.  There were many collectors and owners of what are commonly referred to as "Class 3" firearms, meaning that they were in private hands prior to 1986, and owned by people in Free States (Not Illinois).  Because had we done what we did today in Daleystan, we all would have been hauled off to jail for 'possessing' fully automatic firearms.  Instead the Knox County Sheriff's SWAT team flew in on their Huey, landed and then proceeded to blended in with the crowd and get in the lines (very short) to shoot.  This was a private event held on private land.  The owner brought out his toys and invited friends who brought their toys.  Then invited us.  And gave us ammo.  You'd go and see what was being shot were, ask (if you didn't already know) what flavor of ammo the object of your desire ate.  Go and get  a couple of boxes of said ammo from the nice folks at LuckyGunner, or if you were watching, one of the three "Ammo Girls" they brought out would come and ask you if you needed ammo or a bottle of water.  They then went and brought it back to you, so you wouldn't lose you place in line.  Again, the lines consisting of 2 maybe 3 people at the most.

There were a bus, several cars, used appliances, cinder blocks and tannerite targets all over the range.  Several; of the cars were set on fire, and the cars were barely recognizable as such by the end of the day.  

There were Civil War cannons and WWII Anti Tank guns, like a US 37mm and a German 50mm Pak gun.  Here though is the list of what I shot.  For Free
A real M16
M1919 (John Basilone's gun in The Pacific)
A real AK47
Silenced MP5
and I forgot what else.

I haven't turned this much money into smoke and noise since I was in the Army.  And yes, I'm still smiling.

Pictures and Videos to follow.


  1. And we got to do it with a bunch of GOOD folks too! It was a pleasure for finally meet you Sir!