Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why What Happened in Japan is an Endorsement of Nuclear Power

The death toll from the Earthquake and Tsumani in Japan is currently estimated to be approximately 10,000 with at least another 10,000 missing.  There are nearly 500,000 homeless, some living out of doors, unsheltered.  Getting food, medicines, clothes and other needed supplies is a major hurdle and causing more people to die every day.

Yet what has all the media attention been  focused on?  The nuclear plant, that has only claimed 31 lives with 134 receiving significant doses of radiation, and a few hundred people maybe 1,000 at most will die from radiation causes.

Compare those numbers:
20,000+ dead and missing  vs 31 dead with maybe 1,000 more later
500,000 homeless, suffering and dying.

And where's the focus again ?

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