Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Q-Ships Anyone ??

Well Somali pirates had another go at the Maersk Alabama only this time they got a rude surprise.

Little slugs of lead, launched at a very high speed.  Sadly, they missed, but there's always next time.

Looks like someone has gone back and pulled out their high school history book and cracked it open.  Now if we can get those sending actual armed Naval vessels to read from the same textbook.

1.  Convoys.  These dirtbags in oversized bass boats are no match for even the smallest vessels that the US, various European countries, along with Russia, India and who knows what other navies have off the Horn of Africa.  Have a couple spots for ships meet up each (or twice a) day and be escorted by whose ever ship is next on the duty roster.  Come on !!  I figured this out and only time I've ever been at sea is two times in the Caribbean on oversized party barges.

We beat the Germans with this system.  

TWICE !!!  

One slate grey frigate coming hard about with a 76mm gun, a Phalanx Gatling Gun and some Ma Deuces chewing up the wood, fiberglass and aluminum of your boat will make you really think about updating your resume and finding a new line of work.

2.  I know we're still kinda tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan, but not as much as we were a year or more ago.  If I recall correctly, we've got Marines floating around that area in a couple of those MEU thingys.  Surely with all the money we've spent on satellites, reconnaissance aircraft and UAV's we've been able to back trace where these guys are basing out of.  I'm not saying that we occupy the place, but simply a nice, hard, overwhelming firepower raid.  A sink the ships, burn the place to the ground, salt the earth, and then leave, kinda operation.

Call it a live fire exercise for our Navy and Marines.

The only thing we need is a CINC with a pair.  *Sigh*

*Q-Ships:  During the two World Wars Q-Ships were merchant ships with concealed heavy weaponry, designed to lure German U-boats to make surface attacks.  The basic ethos of every Q-ship was to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

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