Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goose meet Gander. Sauce anyone ?

Remember "Deem and Pass" for Obamacare ?   Well the Stupid Party pulled it's head out of it's fourth point of contact and did an end-around on the "Wisinois 14" and have strangled the vipers in their nest.

Yup, they stripped out the spending items and made it a pure bill about collective bargaining. Therefore a 20 Senator quorum is not needed, only a simple majority of 16+1.   The revised bill passed both houses, before the Wisinois Dems could make through the first toll booth on I-90.  Now they can debate the spending items, rather then flinging poo from across the border.

The howls of protest are like music to my ears.

Next time stay in your own damn state and DO YOUR JOB!.

Indiana Democrats hiding in Champaign, you might want to take notes. HEHEHEHEHE

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