Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey, I'm new here. Can I come to the party ?

Give that my Dance Card is pretty much* empty these days.  I just may go for this, even though I'm a newbie blogger.   I'll also have to get off the Bozo-puter and hit the reloading bench.  I have a woefully inadequate amount of .45ACP loaded.  But I've got 800+ sparklely brass cases in nice trays waiting though.  Need bullets and primers.  [Adds to the grocery list.]

I can stop for the night at my folks place in Indy both on the way there and back, that'll make the trip a little less onerous.

Been a long, long, long time; WildFun at Wildflecken in '89 maybe; since I flipped the switch on anything to Rock and Roll.   I hope that I won't giggle like a school girl.  But then again I just might.

*Still got to decide between No and Maintenance Chemo by the end of this month.

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