Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IGOLD's Tomorrow. Are YOU going?

The annual Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day is Thursday, 10 March in Springfield.


If you live in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois and own a firearm or three,
You. Need. To. Be. There.

Take a Vacation Day.  Use a Sick Day (No, we won't stoop to Fraud). Take one of the buses, take the train, fly or drive.  Just get yourself there.   

Last year 7,000+ of your fellow gun owners were there.  Governor Quinn, Speaker Madigan, and Senate Leader Cullerton all suddenly remembered that they had to pick-up the laundry from the cleaners.  In Chicago.   Funny thing is they had to do that the previous year, and the year before, and the year before that, lather, rinse, repeat.

I guess seeing the capitol swarmed over like a beehive* by polite**, regular, everyday people scares the bejesus out of our powers that be and they hike their skirts like little girls and high tail it out of town.  (Now why does democrats doing a Sir Robin and thwarting the will of the people sound familiar ?) 

Be there and help make history. 

*The organizers of IGOLD sell yellow Gadsden Flag -type T-shirts and sweaters to help defray the organizing costs.  So the capitol buildings do look like they are a beehive.   

**I had one secretary remark that the we're one of the very few groups that use phrases like "Excuse me", "Please" and "Thank You".  She also remarked that we don't leave a mess for someone else to clean up. 

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