Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gettin' my Inner Wookiee On. *

Heading down to Springfield today for IGOLD.   Exercising that 1st Amendment "Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances" and boy do I have some this year.  First on that list is being able to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights.

HB0148 - The Family and Personal Protection Act.  Some call it CCW, others call it LTC.  Whatever it's called it gives someone like me the right to defend myself and those around me.   Even though I may "look good", as everyone says, Chemo has kicked the snot out of me.   I couldn't run more then 100ft and I've got maybe one punch left in me, and if that's the case 1) it better score for points; because, 2) the goblin is way too close.   

Okay, Governor you got your massive tax hike and the public unions here are safe, for now.  So it's time for a little giveback.   This is it.  Oh, and remember that we put Recall of the Governor IN the Constitution just a short time ago.  We can exercise that one too.  Tell Cullerton and Madigan they better get in line or they might get run over by the people.  

Oh and I'll squawk to my elected representatives (and some that I don't elect, but know) about the massive tax hikes, cause they won't stand for long, that's for sure.

And there are of course a few other burrs under the saddle. But the 2A and LTC are Belles of the Ball today.  

Today We March For Them.

* For those of you confused by the term:

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