Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is What's Going to Start the Next Revolution

It has NOT stopped one terrorist or terrorist attempt.

It's only purpose is to make us feel "safer".

It's Security TheatrePeriod

You've got the Secretary of Homeland Security saying "The System Worked", when it totally failed.  THE GUY'S DAD WALKED IN AND TOLD US HIS SON WAS GOING TO GO JIHAD ON US!!! and we still let him on a plane and only because he screwed up and the passengers beat the snot out of him did we NOT lose another airliner.

Then we get the Porn-O-Scopes, and then the lame/false explanation of how they work and how much they can see. (Answer: Everything.) Oh, and remember that they told us they weren't going to be storing images ? They lied about that too.

Then they grope a couple of young boys AFTER they get OFF the train.  I mean WTF, O ?  Seriously WTF ?!?!  Not outraged yet.  How about groping a 6 year old girl ?  Or agents arrested for Child Porn ?

Can you say modern day Gestapo ?   Just click on some of those video's posted on Youtube. 

The outrages continue.  At some point will the American People say "ENOUGH!!!!"  ?

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