Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you, thank you, very much.

Chicago's attorney creates an opening that every pro-2A lawsuit should use from here one out.  He equates how the 1A works as a comparasion to the 2A.   I can't wait to see how this case turns out.

Alan Gura, of Heller and MacDonald fame is seeking an injunction in  Ezell v Chicago against the Chicago law that simultaneously requires live fire training to obtain a firearm license while banning the operation of public gun ranges inside the city of Chicago. After Gura's opening argument, the three judges in the case proceed to completely demolish the Chicago attorney's argument, leaving him blabbering and pretty much unable to make a coherent argument..

The 2A is on a roll, I sure hope TPTB in Springfield are listening.  Right to Carry is coming.  Either they can craft a law that we all agree on, or we'll have the courts shove one down their throats, and they sure won't like it.


  1. Listening now while I work on some quotes...interesting for sure.

  2. "It would be difficult to imagine a a first amendment licensing requirement in the first place..."