Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools' Day

The absolute best "Gotcha" was when I was working for Outer Circle Products.  And it was Valentine's Day not April Fools.

My boss came in with a inventory sheet and said something about "The system shows a whole bunch of the stuff in the warehouse, but we can't find it and production needs it NOW NOW NOW"   "Bullcookies," said I, "If it's in the computer.  It's in the warehouse."  Needless to say, the location for this stuff was all the way in the far back ass end of our 650,000 sq ft warehouse.  Someone had taken the golf cart so I had to hoof it from the offices in front end of the warehouse.

I finally get back there and sure enough there's the stuff.  Funny, it was back here because we hadn't used that product in years.  Maybe Charlie finally found a buyer for this close-out crap.  Okay, all I need to do now is find one of my forklift drivers and have him start hauling the pallets to production.

I walk back to the main aisle and hmmmm, don't see any forklifts moving around.  Head back closer and there's no one on the docks loading or unloading trailers and containers.     Get closer to the offices and I see forklifts parked all over the place.  Now, I'm ticked.  We've got a ton of work to do and everyone's decided to take break at the same time.  Somebody better whip out a pad of "Hurt Feeling Reports" because I'm going to chew a whole bunch of ass.

I walk into the break/lunch room ready to rip off heads, when I get big hug from "STUPID CUPID".  Some poofda is in a diaper with fairy wings and cupid bow, trying to give me a kiss.  He almost got punched, but once I saw everyone in the room, I managed to slip away from him with some of my dignity.   

My admin assistant had teamed up with a local radio station to have "STUPID CUPID" come visit your company and surprise your boss.  Several pictures of me (and other bosses) got put up on the station's website and the taped shenanigans were played on the radio.   Everyone took pictures and utterly delighted in my being totally red-faced and embarrassed.   I'm glad I gave everyone a laugh and congratulated my boss and my admin assistant (along with everyone else) for having got me but good.

So Tracey, if you're reading this.  I still owe you for that.......

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