Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Atlas Shrugged, Part I

Went and saw it today.  (I know I was supposed to go last Friday, but due to a variety of reasons didn't make it.)

Going to see a movie at 11AM on a Wednesday insures that you pretty much have your choice of seats.   I stopped at the concession stand and grabbed a bag of popcorn and a "medium" Pepsi before the, $12.50!!!  TWELVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS for 20 cents worth of syrup and 50 cents worth of Orville Reddenbacker??  You GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!   So yeah, I can see the guys point when it gets down to brass-tacks after Dinner and a Movie.

Where was I ? Oh yeah, the actual movie.

At first I thought I might get a private screening, but there were about 20 people that came to join me, which meant that I wasn't the only one that cheered at the end.

So how was it ?


They did a great job "compressing" the book.  The casting is great, except Mathew Marsden as Jim Taggart, Ayn described him as somewhat overweight, IIRC but that's the only "bad chioce" here.

Go see it.  and if you haven't yet:  Read the Book.

I can't wait for Part II

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