Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's About Rights.

 Not a bad debate.  I know Greg and he's passionate, like me.  But we have to control our emotions in this debate.  They are wrong and losing and they know it.

And just a quick point.
The science is in, the studies have been done.  John Lott's work has been peer-reviewed and re analyzed more then any other research work done in modern history.

More guns do mean less crime.
If it didn't then why are are more states moving toward expanded freedom when it comes to gun laws.  Go look, I''l wait.  

Do you really think that if if did not work the states would be expanding gun rights ?

At last count there were FIVE states that had legislation pending to get rid of their permit systems (SC, NH, UT, MT, and ID).

It's not some "industry lobby" that's done this.  It's been everyday people. I've talked with, shot with and march with them.  We average over 5,000 people every second Tuesday in March.  We get together and got to Springfield for IGOLD. 

That's not any industry, that's "We the People." and our rights shall not be infringed.

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