Thursday, September 22, 2011

Since all the cool kids are doing it.

Saw this on Old NFO's and Tam's blog.  Apparently Og started this one. I missed the 100 books one when I was in the hospital, I'll play catch-up with that one later.

But here's my EDC* knife. Yeah, not very tact-i-kewl or high speed.  This is version 3.0 of the Vicotrianox Huntsman the WINO bought me when she went to Switzerland while we were stationed in Germany.  The original, 1.0 got stolen at one of my jobs, I replaced it, only to give 2.0 to the Air and Space Museum in DC during Boy Scout Jamboree Week.  I guess they thought that Robert and I were going to hijack the lunar lander in our Cub Scout Uniforms.  Robert felt bad that I had to surrender my knife and bought me this one. It'll be a very interesting day should someone try to take it from me.

My son has a Mini-Leatherman. Of course, unlike when I was in school and you were some kind of weirdo if you didn't have a Buck Knife, Robert only carries it when we're not going somewhere that will get him taken away to a wussification re-education camp, otherwise it resides in my dresser drawer.   Yes, he got his Whittling Chit in Cub Scouts several years ago.

So what's in your pocket?

*Every Day Carry.


  1. My son (15) is starting to collect pocket pokers like me. Since he can't carry in a school, his EDC is lint.

  2. Not a thing wrong with that knife :-) It works, and they DO make a good product!