Friday, September 2, 2011

Just call me Dax

Like Jadzia Dax in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series I now have something residing in my gut.  It's my new port for my Peritoneal Dialysis port. 

It will take about a month for the wound to scar over and heal.  Once that happens I can start nightly dialysis.

However,  I may not have to start so soon.  I talked to the oncologist about going back and adding Cyroxin to the chemo mix when I start back up next week.  That might help the kidney function, now that most of the fluid is off.  I want to try that for as long as it works. 

He's still concerned about the Light Kappa Chain to Light Lambda Chain ratio, but he's talking to the docs at Mayo and seeing if my idea is worth trying.  He's also got to talk to the Nephrologist, but I'm hopeful.

If all goes well, (and it should) I'll be out of here tomorrow.  I'll rescue my dog from the neighbors and work on finding a name for my new best friend that's installed in my gut.  Life is always interesting.   And I am blessed and privileged to have such exceptional friends.


  1. "Dax" fits.

    Glad that the fluid is off, hope you get out tomorrow.

  2. Is the port port or starboard??

    Glad you will be home soon, as will Nugget!

  3. Hiya "Dax", YeOldFurt here. Just stopped in to check on you. Heard you're being held in some undisclosed location. Seriously, I'm praying you'll get all the time you need and then some. Stay the course, hombre.

  4. Thoughts and prayers sent (again/still)... Hopefully the Cyroxin works!

  5. Thinkin' good thoughts your way!