Tuesday, August 2, 2011

She's Here !!!

Well, not yet.  But soon. Very, very, very soon.  We'll be down there in Indy the later part of next week, so figure by Saturday, 13 August.

Who or what am I talking about?  My Mom.

After a several year hiatus, I broke down and got her a new laptop computer.  I pity the Comcast installer who will be coming out later this week or early next week to install the internet connection.  With any luck, they'll simply have to flip a switch somewhere and mail her a router.  Which I will have to install, along with getting her computer up and running.  Yeah ME !!!!

That however is not the bad part.

This is bad part.  Facebook.  And this blog. 

I have very eclectic groups of friends.  I have my family.  Lots of them.  I have the people I went to high school with.  I have my Army buddies.  I have the friends I shoot with.  And I have my friends from various internet Gun Boards.  We have very different senses of humor and common touchstones.  Things that are absolutely hilarious to my Army buds, generate looks of curiosity and puzzlement from my shooting friends.  And many of my high school friends have no idea when it comes to various 2nd Amendment issues and firearms.   So at any one time only ~20% of my friends have any idea what I'm talking about (if even that many).

But my Mom will be reading every (Hi Mom!!!) word.  All of them.  

So now my philosophy and practice (for the most part) of "Never write anything on the internet you wouldn't want your Mom to read or be read in court."  will be put to the test. 

So Mom.  Here's the way it is.

I was in the Army, sometimes in the Army we used bad words.  As both a solider and Officer, I learned how to use those words.  As some of my shooting friends will tell you, I was able to use them to great effect when I was President of the Aurora Sportsmen's Club.  Frequently.

I use them here.

I love you and hope you enjoy finding your family and friends and reconnecting with everyone there is out here.  Please, don't send anyone you meet on the internet money, your address or any info about you.  Especially, if they are from Nigeria.  You are welcome to read this blog, and I'm sure you'll read it to Dad.   You can leave comments, criticize my grammar, spelling, or punctuation.  

I love you both very much and hope you enjoy cyber-stalking all our relatives and maybe finding your old friends and maybe making some new ones. (Do NOT send them Money.)   I know your family looks forward to seeing you on here.  

And if you have any questions, you can send me an E-mail or call. I always have my Blackberry on and with me.

Or just call Kelly.


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  1. I've been TRYING to teach my little sis how to fb.
    Hope your Mom is a quicker learner than her~lol
    I'm sure your Mom will enjoy it after she learns how everything works.