Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Okay, first thing is that I always go to look for my camera immediately after I say to myself, "That would be a great picture!!"or after I get back from whatever event I just got back from.

I'm not a photographer, the only camera I have is on the phone and that's a pain to operate, and torture to get pictures up on the web.   I have to fire up Blackberry's Desktop manager, then get to the media manager.  Copy the pictures I want to the computer.  Then go to Picasa, find the damn pictures where ever they were downloaded to (it varies each time).  Download the pic's from computer to a folder in Picasa (and that seems to be pretty random, no matter which folder I pick.)  Then copy and paste the link from Picasa to the web.

What a flaming pain in the ass.

If someone knows a faster way to get pictures from my Blackberry into Picasa, I'd love to here it.

In the meantime, enjoy Robert enjoying banging steel:
 Got lucky on the timing of that one.

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