Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Disappearin' Act

Why did I stop blogging ?

Same reason I stopped posting on Book of Faces and other places I frequented.

The Divorce.  

Since it was a very bitter fight, I didn't want anything I posted to show up in court.   I didn't want to accidentally post something that would come back to bite me.  You never know what innocuous little thing would get dragged through the mud and suddenly I'm standing in front of the judge saying "That's not what I meant !!!"

But just to wrap things up for those that don't know, here's the outcome of the divorce.

1.  My son lives with me 9.5 days and her 4.5 days every two week period.  And boy, is she pissed about that.  
2.  She has to pay me maintenance every month.
3.  I get the house.

All in all, I came out pretty good.  She still refuses to cooperate,, but I simply go to court file a motion and ask the judge.  I do it Pro-Se.  She is still using her attorney. We'll see how long that lasts.  She either learn to cooperate or go broke being obstinate.

But that's where I've been, I promise to post more from now on.