Wednesday, August 3, 2016

And it's a boy !!!!!

Actually, almost a man.   5'11' and plays several sports.  He said "This feels like home." when we told him to take his time and think about whether he wanted to come live with us after we talked for over two hours.

So the official move-in date will be 15 August.  He thought that coming home now and then heading to SC was a little quick.  He wanted some time to say goodbye to his friends where he is currently living.  Which is understandable.

So 15 August looks to be a very busy day.  School starts 17 August, so getting everything there set-up and going will be a race.   But do-able.  There will be lots of other things to get done, but we can do it.  There is nothing that's a show stopper.

While everyone is excited now, we also realize that there's much work to be done and a transition to endure.  But in the end it will all be good and worth it.   Nothing worthwhile is ever easy... 

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