Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First They Came For The Light Bulbs.

Not content to make people start hoarding 100W light bulbs.  Now they are going after rat poison.  Yep, in true "We know what's best for you, peasant" mode, the EPA has banned the sale of rodent poisons.  Unless your are a exterminator then you can gouge sell the the bait stations to consumers as part of a treatment.


If you are not outraged yet, you're not paying attention.

Legalize DDT, it's much safer then DEET.


  1. Best part of the Wiki page: "Ironically, the increase in demand for Chinese CFLs has driven an expansion in the number of facilities manufacturing the bulbs, which in turn has spurred an increase in the construction of coal-fired power plants in China, to supply power to the additional factories. Reduction in atmospheric mercury and greenhouse gases in some parts of the world are therefore being offset to some extent by increases in these emissions from the additional Chinese plants."