Sunday, August 21, 2016

4th Time is a charm?

Went and met with "J" on Friday.   He's 12 and a ball of energy.  He had all kinds of questions, some of which made me wonder about his previous homes.

Will I need permission to go to the fridge?  (No, unless it's 10 minutes before dinner. Otherwise, just eat at the dining room table.)

Will I need permission to get food from the cabinets? (See above answer)

Can I go anywhere in the house?  (Wait, what?)

Can I go outside ? (If you don't, I may throw your butt out to play.)

Can I have a party on my birthday ?  (Of course !!  Who doesn't give a kid a party on his birthday?)

So he's excited.  We're reservedly excited.  There's some paperwork, and services to be setup out here for him, but hopefully all that will be handled within a week or so.  As it stands, since he's under 14, he can't say no to a placement with us.  So baring any unforeseen problems, this one looks to be a "Go".

Again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed... 


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